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4 Potty Training Essentials + Giveaway!

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel I am referring to is the “spending $60 per month on diapers” tunnel. It seems as though Avery is showing off all of the signs that she is just about ready to rock and roll with potty training. She can finally take off her own pants, she tells me when she has gone potty in her diaper, and she is interested in sitting on the potty. It is helpful that she gets to watch my older son, using him as an example. It also helps that I have been there, done that. Speaking from experience, I know it is about that time to pull out the stops with my potty training essentials that I have learned over the years.

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4 Potty Training Essentials

  1. Develop a Schedule- Potty training is tedious work. Just like anything else, having a set schedule of potty breaks will help you to develop a routine with your toddler. Set aside an entire weekend for potty training. Get an egg timer and head to the bathroom with your toddler every thirty minutes.
  2. Rewards- Develop a reward system for potty training. My son, Aidan, loved receiving mini marshmallows in a party hat. First, we started with mini marshmallows with both #1 and #2. Eventually, we phased out rewards for doing pee-pee and only focused on rewards for pooping in the potty.
  3. Prep the Bathroom- Get potty books, stickers, and anything else you can get your hands on in order to turn the bathroom into a potty training sanctuary.
  4. Training Underwear- These are a must have. Underwear training is an important element to potty training, as it helps little ones gain the realization that they are no longer wearing a diaper.

The training underwear that we use for potty training are Pampers Easy Ups. They are great because they fit like underwear, with a 360 degree expandable waistband. They also look and feel like underwear, plus they are absolutely adorable. New Pampers Easy Ups are the easiest way to underwear and help little ones and their families during their potty training journey. Easy Ups is the only training underwear with Extra Absorb Channels, helping to keep toddlers dry during the day AND night. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers around the legs prevent the leaks that can happen when they are on the move.

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I have been so lucky to team up with Pampers Easy Ups in order to ease Avery into potty training. They even sent us a potty training starter kit! You can see what they sent us by viewing the video below!

To help make the potty training process easier and more affordable, Pampers is offering a coupon that you can print at home for $2 off 1 pack of new Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. I am so excited for this next big step in our lives, and even more thrilled to get Avery out of diapers and into her big girl underwear! Be sure to check out Pampers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for their latest and greatest in offers and news!

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  1. For boys, use Cheerios as potty targets.

  2. My favorite potty training hack is to have a reward system set in place! My oldest grandson loved earning a sticker and 1 M&M for each success.

  3. I think training in the warmer months is easier because they have fewer/lighter clothes to deal with.

  4. My favorite potty training hack is to put cheerios in the toliet.. I guarantee your boy is going to want to “sink” them.

  5. We are going to transition my daughter to big girl underwears. So your tips and tricks are very helpful. Hopefully we can say bye bye to diapers soon.

  6. My favorite hack is to reward my child for using his potty

  7. My tip is to be consistent and give lots of praise.

  8. My kiddo loves stickers and bubbles as treats as a reward for going potty!

  9. Using a reward system has always worked well for me.

  10. Rewards for a job well done is a must

  11. well if ya got a boy just throw ceral and act like its dirt or just ignore the fact when he has to pee it will be a game to him i know i know not very smart but cheeriooos is a good one to aim at like a few just in case i didnt have a hard time with my son ..

  12. When we are at my grandson usually just wears his shirt and underwear to make it easier to get on the potty.

  13. A good reward system is what I did with my kids and it really works.

  14. The reward system is a great tool and making it a positive experience by singing… back in the day the movie Look Who’s Talking …… Great comments workingmomchronicles ….best of luck all you young moms with potty training.

  15. Use stickers as rewards.

  16. praising your child for using his potty should work

  17. I gave my son small treats for going to the potty.

  18. I use a piece of candy or other reward type system, while potty training.

  19. Stickers reward works the great for my kids.

  20. We always traveled with a potty in case we had a quick stop and couldn’t find a bathroom for our toddler.

  21. I give my daughter paw patrol stickers when she goes potty on the potty!

  22. Patience and lots of positive encouragement.

  23. Using stickers as a rewards works.

  24. Get a potty training kit together before you start, with the sticker chart, juice boxes, some candy and small rewards that they’ll love, their big kid underwear, and a potty training movie.

  25. Don’t start training around a holiday or vacation but when you’re in a normal routine.

  26. Use candy as rewards.

  27. I used stickers for rewards

  28. My favorite potty training hack is to keep a calendar and put a sticker every time your child has a success.

  29. praise them like you go potty on toilet you will get cookie you potty on floor no cookie and exchange the favorite treat with something your baby eats but not really wants at that time like i tried the hard core no cookie no treat that made me feel like damm momma so i would say no fav… treat no no you went potty not in the toilet but it only took my son one time to pick up his poop and smell it and he said stinky and that worked for him just keep up the praise that works on everything it works on me and im 40 like ya i know im good and painting like the encourgament of one self makes them feel worthy now on a baby dont go mean and like hey nonononono just be disappointed that he didnt or she didnt go in the toilet cause a baby is so used to no no no they dont even have a clue that thats bad good luck though

  30. Offer a special treat or little prize for a job well done.

  31. My favorite potty training hack is to put cheerios in the toilet. It helped with potty training my son!

  32. we used a timer for potty trainer to help with timing

  33. I’ve yet to go through this – good luck!

  34. I tucked my son’s pants into his socks and once he peed and it got his toes all wet, you can bet your bottom he always told me when he had to go to the bathroom. BTW, he’s 30 now and totally well adjusted.

  35. I like to use stickers as rewards

  36. number 5 should be ‘beg…beg and beg some more’…lol..just kidding…not really.

  37. I always rewarded my boys for using the potty. I remember getting it done in a weekend by constant positive reinforcement!

  38. Potty training is different for everyone. These tips will definitely help. Aside from that you’ll know when your child is ready for potty training. They will quit the diapers so easily and just try to adjust as much as they can to going to the potty instead.

  39. Thankfully, this is not one of my concerns and never has been. Thankfully! But it is and has been for plenty of friends!

  40. Use a reward system.

  41. I use stickers as rewards for potty training

  42. Make a progress chart of times they’re successful, and let them put a sticker up when they do it right.

  43. i use a treat as a reward for a job well done 🙂

  44. We used a musical potty.

  45. I like the sticker reward system.

  46. i never tried the sticker reward i just always give him praise and well work on it more

  47. My 26-month old granddaughter is well on her way to being fully potty trained! Thanks to the staff of the daycare who really did a great job helping with this.

  48. i use a treat as a reward for a job well done.

  49. Use a treat for a reward. It really does work.

  50. Make sure your being consistent.

  51. consistency is a key. stop using diapers after they try potty

  52. I decorated my niece’s potty trainer toilet with stickers to make it more inviting.

  53. give snacks.. my kids LOVE candy so that’s what I give them when they go in the toilet

  54. We always had the best success with the reward system.

  55. MY favorite potty training hack is to only potty train in the warm months so there is less clothes for you and your child to have to get off and on making it easier for them and your washing machine!

  56. ya i had the musical potty chair he loved it you can try that also

  57. Kids love seeing the progress they’ve made, so it pays to keep a running scorecard of where they’ve peed, just so you can also assess how thing are going.

  58. use stickers and treats for rewards

  59. sing a son like i saw on the today show any thing will work

  60. sing a song i meant

  61. Put the toilet paper roll in backwards If your little one likes to unwind it, makes it harder for them 🙂

  62. Give child small treats for going to the potty.

  63. using a sticker chart for positive reinforcement!

  64. Do not push them to hard, patience is a virtue. They will eventually get it.

  65. We use a reward system to motivate my little one to use the potty. He gets a sticker for every time he uses the potty and if he has no accidents all day he can have a bowl of ice cream before bed.

  66. using rewards really works.

  67. Give good praises for a job well done ad stay consistent.

  68. I put cheerios in the toilet for the boys to aim at.

  69. When we were potty training our son, the best “hack” was letting him follow my hubby into the restroom. My son wanted to be a big boy like his dad! 🙂

  70. I try to train in the summer when less clothes are necessary.

  71. Oh we have books by the potty…and throughout the day sit and read books…..just waiting for something to happen. He loves to listen to stories, so always wants to go and listen to a story!

  72. Using a reward system has always worked well for me!!

  73. praising your child and using rewards works good

  74. Make sure you have their own potty chair, a lot of times the “big” toilet is scary to them.

  75. Make a progress chart of times they’re successful

  76. Use a reward system and give plenty of encouragement!

  77. We like to use stickers! He really loves stickers so its a fun reward for him

  78. I like to use rewards and tell they did a good job

  79. Give a little reward for a job well done.

  80. First thing in the morning sit them on the potty while you are using the potty

  81. With those potty training accidents, wear Crocs For Easy Clean-up. That way, when accidents happen,
 there’s no heartache over wet, soiled tennis shoes.

  82. I love to use a chart and document it. They get really excited and I have cheap little prizes I give them after they go!

  83. We keep a small potty chair in our van, just in case we are not close enough to get somewhere for him to go fast enough. Sometimes they realize they have to go at the very last minute.

  84. I use stickers and other rewards

  85. We haven’t started yet, but we aren’t far off! A little nervous!

  86. To help with potty training-make up a pee-pee song to the tune of any song you like! The best thing about kids? They won’t even judge.

  87. With my daughter, we put the big girl underwear on and then the easy ups over that. My son was a little more stubborn, so we had to bribe him for a few days with a new hot wheel car. He picked it up pretty quickly though too!

  88. be consistent and patient

  89. Be patient and consistent.

  90. Before going out and about, we always have bathroom time. Helps to avoid the I have to go right now, as sometimes its harder to find a potty right away.

  91. Have them wear light amount of clothing at home so its easier to get on the potty when they have to go.

  92. My kiddo love stickers and snacks as treats as a reward for going potty!

  93. Heather Hayes Panjon

    September 14, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    I Like To Use A Chart To Track Progress And Encourage, It’s Fun To Offer Rewards Too!

  94. I am all for bribing them! Always make sure to encourage them and praise them rather than focusing on accidents.

  95. Using rewards and being consistent works good

  96. just sing with them i saw that on the today show

  97. If they aren’t quite ready you can postpone potty training for a little bit and restart trying again.

  98. Using a reward system has always worked well for me.

  99. being consistent and using rewards works good

  100. One of my best potty training hacks, use rewards for success, treats or small toy. 🙂

  101. My tip is every child is different, have patience and use rewards.

  102. Give positive encouragement and give a little reward for doing a good job too keep them motivated.

  103. Be patient, make potty training fun by giving rewards and praise.

  104. use stickers for potty training.

  105. You must have a sense of humor!

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