The Working Mom ChroniclesPractical life tips, career advice, and parenting hacks to help you find the work-life balance you crave.

Welcome to The Working Mom Chronicles! My name is Mary Fine, and I’m the founder of The Working Mom Chronicles, a place to find not only excellent career advice, but also inspiration and motivation to support you on your journey to find a work-life balance. I am a mom of two beautiful children, Aidan and Avery, and a supportive and dedicated law enforcement wife to my husband Chris. We live in sunny Southwest Florida, a stone’s throw from the cities of Tampa and Miami. I have been writing professionally for 2 years, and you’ve probably seen my work featured on a handful of pretty amazing blogs. If two children weren’t enough, I am also a school teacher at a local middle school where I teach Business Technology to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. PHEW! The Working Mom Chronicles was created to share my journey of developing a work-life balance in my own crazy life, while supporting you with the things I have found to be most useful and successful!

What Will You Find on The Working Mom Chronicles?

Prior to becoming a middle school teacher, I worked in the private sector as a business manager, then at a private college as a Career Services the working mom chronicles familyCoordinator. I am bubbling with first hand experience of what employers want and how to best develop yourself into that person. My Career section is where you will find lots of great advice about resumes, cover letters, interview tips, and job coaching strategies.

In my Education section, you will find my best practices for developing a classroom management strategy that works. You will also find classroom decor tips & tricks and organization hacks. As a brand new teacher, I am still developing a lot of these best practices, so it should make for an interesting journey! I will also be throwing in college success tips, as I will soon be going back to school to finish up my Master’s Degree!

I can’t leave out my awesome family, so my Lifestyle and Parenting sections will be jam packed with tips for living life as a mom who works her butt off outside of the home. I will show you recipes that I love, health and beauty tips that are part of my daily ritual, and how to be the best mom and wife to my family. I might even take you on on vacations and stay-cations!

Is there something that you would love to see me write about? Maybe you have a suggestion or a tip for me? Let’s chat!
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