As a Central Florida veteran, I have been going to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for as long as I can remember.  I used to take an amusement park trip ever other week. Now that I live in Southwest Florida, I don’t go as often as I like. Still, we have yearly family passes and try to go at least once a month. So far, my kids are huge fans of amusement parks. It is truly the one public place where they both behave! Who would have thought? We were able to go to Busch Gardens two weekends ago as a last hurrah before school starts. Aidan and Chris got to go on the brand new Cobra’s Curse coaster while Avery and I waited. Avery’s face describes how I felt about not being able to try out the new coaster myself!

amusement park trip must haves

When we first took an amusement park trip with the kids, we brought way too much stuff. Endless amounts of stuff, actually. We lugged around a heavy diaper bag and a heavy backpack all day long. How silly of us! Now that we have gone over and over again, we have limited our must-have list to just a handful of items.

amusement park trip must have list

10 Amusement Park Trip Must-Haves

  1. Antibacterial Wipes: After touching dirty railings, harnesses, and whatever else we touch at the amusement park, something to clean your hands with is a must.
  2. Frozen Water Bottles: We use these in place of ice packs. Plus, they melt at the perfect rate, giving us ice cold water all day long.
  3. Sunscreen: Apply it and set a timer to reapply it. Don’t risk getting a sunburn!
  4. Zip Sealed Bags: These are perfect to store your cell phone and any important tickets or documents you bring to the park with you.
  5. Kids Clothes: The kids will get wet. It’s inevitable. Bring a change of clothes for them!
  6. Ponchos: While the kids are getting wet, you can stay dry and still have fun.
  7. Band-aids: For the boo-boo’s and skinned knees along the way.
  8. Pain Reliever: You may need it after getting jerked around on a roller coaster.
  9. Snacks: Most parks don’t allow food, but definitely bring fruit squeeze pouches and small snacks for the kids to munch on.
  10. Good Shoes: The most important item on the list. You will regret not having good shoes!

I can not emphasize my tenth must-have enough. If you don’t wear good shoes, you will be miserable. Trust me! Normally, I will wear a pair of sandals with great support and a back. Chris always wears his sneakers. The kids love to get wet. We always dress the kids in shoes that are versatile and can stand to get wet. These Tsukihoshi shoes are not only perfect for day to day use, they are exceptional when used during an amusement park trip.

amusement park trip must have list shoes

The kids were able to splash around and get soaked and I didn’t have to worry about having to pack extra pairs of shoes and socks for each of them. Aidan wore the Ibiza and Avery wore the Laguna.

amusement park trip must have list shoes collage

They both boast quick dry features, plus they are airy but still closed toe for added protection and support. The shoes vary in price between $35 and $55 per pair, which is definitely a manageable price for quality shoes.  Tsukihoshi shoes can be found on Zappos, Amazon, and on the Tsukihoshi website.

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