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How to Show Off Soft Skills in an Interview

So we went over soft skills in one of my last posts, On the Hunt? Here’s Why Soft Skills Matter.  If you didn’t read it, take a few minutes to skim it. As a recap, soft skills are basically those skills that employers are looking for that don’t necessarily have to do with the direct skills required to perform a job. Basically, are you the kind of person they want to work with? Continue reading

10 Resume Red Flags to Avoid

I have been told that I have an eye for resumes. And they have an eye for me. There are few things I love more than a good resume review. I take out my red pen and get to work. Many times more often than not, the resume draft looks like a badly marked up 6th grade essay by the time I am done with it. Typically, the resumes that I review are filled with tons of resume red flags that could be avoided, and will probably disqualify the person from the job they want so badly. Continue reading

On the Hunt? Here’s Why Soft Skills Matter

Manners oh manners, where have you gone? I am pretty sure this is what recruiters are asking these days. In fact, I KNOW this is what they are asking. How do I know? In a past life I worked hand in hand with recruiters in order to help college graduates secure jobs. Let me be the one to tell you. That piece of paper (degree) is not a free ticket to any job you want. Sure, most jobs that are worth anything have a degree requirement, but this does not mean that you are a shoe in. There are many other things that employers are looking for in top candidates. Continue reading

How to Jump Start Your Job Search

So you have an awesome resume (hopefully by following my tips). Now what? If you don’t already have a job, your job search should be your full-time job until you actually secure gainful employment. Maybe you already have a full-time job? One that makes you want to call in sick to work everyday, tempts you to fake your own death? Make your job search a part-time job, then. Either way, your job search should be an important and exciting part of your everyday. With that being said, starting your job search isn’t the easiest thing to do. Continue reading