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Empowering Children Through Education #SimplySaid

I am a mom first, a teacher second. With that being said, I absolutely know the importance that an education has on the future of our youth. With the school year in full swing and Aidan in Kindergarten, we are finally settling into a routine. Our nightly routine includes dinner, baths, and homework. Every night. While this routine is absolutely exhausting, Aidan is showing true gains in school, even climbing over 100 points on his baseline assessment test since the beginning of the school year. By empowering children through education, we are helping them pave the path for success. Continue reading

15 Incredibly Accurate Teacher Memes

I am that teacher that greets her students with new teacher memes each day. I spend countless hours (ok, minutes) searching for the perfect meme of the day . Usually, when searching for teacher memes, I am bombarded with memes that I can NEVER show my middle school students. These memes are the most accurate, though, so I saved them for this special occasion! Continue reading