As a busy working mom, I sometimes (always) slack off in the holiday decor department. This year is different, though. Aidan is 5, Avery is almost 2. They are at the age where the development of traditions is important. As we kick off the holiday season with Halloween, I have been looking for ways to jazz up my home and make it a tad more festive. I have always wanted to try my hand at a DIY Halloween wreath, but I have never been able to find the time or energy. Well, enough is enough. I put on my determined face and took a trip to Hobby Lobby. Now, I will show you how I made this easy DIY Halloween wreath!

How to Make an Easy DIY Halloween Wreath:

DIY Halloween Wreath

Supplies Needed:

(all supplies purchased at Hobby Lobby, some links direct to Amazon if I could not find the product on the Hobby Lobby site)

DIY Halloween Wreath Supplies

(1) Wreath Form- I used a 12″ similar to this

(4) colors of tulle- I used a lime green, orange, black, and glitter purple

(1) funky purple floral pick

(2) glitter coated plastic spiders and spider webs

(1) wood spider form

Various Halloween knick knacks and signs found in the Halloween crafts aisle.

Assemble your Wreath:

  • Cut tulle into strips approx 19″ long

DIY Halloween Wreath tulle strips

  • Take two pieces of tulle in the same color. Loop it around the wreath form, pulling it tight. I doubled up the tulle in order to create a fuller effect and I could still see the wreath form using one piece.
  • Alternating colors, loop all of the tulle strips around the wreath form. Push the tulle tight together as you go. The tighter the tulle, the fuller the effect.

DIY Halloween Wreath steps

  • Once finished looping the tulle, begin arranging the Halloween knick knacks, signs, floral pick, and plastic spiders.
  • Using a hot glue gun, glue each of the items onto your wreath. If you do not want to hot glue, you can possibly use the tulle to secure each item. This is what I did!
  • Drill or punch a small hole in the wooden spider, paint it black and sprinkle it with glitter. Once it is dry, loop twine, ribbon, or fishing line through the hole and tie it around the top of the wreath.
  • Use tulle to hang your wreath by taking 3 colors and measuring where you want your wreath to hit on your door. Cut your tulle to fit. I cut my tulle to 48″, looped it around the top of the wreath and hung it from my door hanger.

This entire project took me just under an hour to complete. The longest steps were cutting the tulle and waiting for the spider to dry. I am thrilled with how it turned out and am  happy that it only cost me $24! Everyone who has been to the house is impressed. Not only did I actually decorate, but I created a DIY Halloween wreath!

DIY Halloween Wreath sparkly spider

How cute is this glittery spider? It’s the only part of the wreath secured by glue!

DIY Halloween Wreath secured by tulle

How I used the tulle in order to secure my Happy Halloween sign.

DIY Halloween Wreath looped tulle

A closeup of the tulle pushed tightly together after being looped.

Try it for yourself! Let me know how it turns out by posting a picture of your completed DIY Halloween wreath and tagging me on Facebook or Twitter!

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