I am a mom first, a teacher second. With that being said, I absolutely know the importance that an education has on the future of our youth. With the school year in full swing and Aidan in Kindergarten, we are finally settling into a routine. Our nightly routine includes dinner, baths, and homework. Every night. While this routine is absolutely exhausting, Aidan is showing true gains in school, even climbing over 100 points on his baseline assessment test since the beginning of the school year. By empowering children through education, we are helping them pave the path for success.


We are afforded so many opportunities living in the United States of America. Aidan goes to school at a public school which provides him with absolutely everything he needs during the day, including breakfast and lunch. Working with CARE, it is eye opening how great we have it. When I asked Aidan why he liked school, his response was “because it is so much fun!” and he then went into all of the reasons he loves to go to school to see his friends every day. Children in developing countries are often times not afforded this luxury of school, and when they are, they have much deeper feelings about it.


Meet Moni…

Moni, 11, a fourth grader has excelled in school for the several years. She usually wakes up each morning at 6 a.m. before heading off to school. “I like my school because my teachers like me, take care of me and always inspire me to study,” she says. Moni wants to be successful in life, and in order to do so, she says she will study accordingly. She is confident that if she does not encounter any financial crisis, she will reach her goal.


After school Moni returns home to help her mother with the evening chores, including fetching water for cooking and drinking. When she finishes her chores, she studies until 9 p.m., then eats dinner and goes to bed. She says education inspires her to take care of her family. “I just want to look after my parents since I have been watching them suffer since my early years of school,” she says. “If I get a job, I will take care of them.” Send Moni a letter of encouragement to help her meet her dreams!

It is humbling to see the difference between Aidan’s answer and Moni’s answer. Both are children with their entire lives ahead of them. One has never had to face hardship or worry about where his next meal would come from. One has never had to think about who was going to love them, or who cared about them. Moni’s answer truly struck a chord. Her teachers take care of her. Learn more about the #SimplySaid campaign by watching the below video!

Now it is time for you to help make a difference. You can make an impact on empowering children in developing countries by sending a letter of hope to encourage the young girls and women who will receive them. For even more CARE inspiration, be sure that you follow their mission on their Facebook and Twitter pages!


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