When someone mentions Bowling Green, Florida, what comes to mind?  After my opportunity to hit the links at Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida, the location has now become synonymous with world-class golf.  It is a course like Streamsong Blue that will truly rekindle one’s love for the game with it’s sheer beauty, flawless layout, and superlative staff.

streamsong resort blue storm

What was it like to play a round of golf at Streamsong Resort?

hitting the links at streamsong resort blue

Immediately upon arrival you are warmly greeted by staff and free to begin whatever pre-round ritual that strikes your fancy until your allotted tee time.  Streamsong Resort affords patrons the option to utilize a cart or walk the course, with or without a caddy or forecaddie; I opted for the cart with a forecaddie as Central Florida in July can get quite sultry.
streamsong resort golf cart
There are three phenomenal courses to choose from. We opted to play Streamsong Blue, as we heard the views were best and the course was just a tad easier. As you approach the first tee you are taken aback by the flora and fauna that is highlighted in every aspect of this amazing course.

streamsong resort golf

As the  rust came off of my game through the first few strokes I remained in a continuous awe of the creativity  of every hole.  The aforementioned forecaddie’s knowledge and professionalism assisted with almost every scenario I came across whether it was on the perfectly manicured fairways or the immaculate greens.

streamsong resort forecaddy

Various wildlife  throughout Streamsong lays the perfect backdrop to the game; a family of deer walking the wood line next to the fairway, the myriad of birds and the water full of jumping bass, turtles, and alligators create an awe inspiring look into natural Florida.

streamsong resort blue wildlife

Not every golf outing is perfect though.  Early on in the round my trusty golf shoes that have been with me for the majority of my adult life decided Streamsong was their last outing.  As the sole separated from the leather on my left shoe I thought to myself, “hey, it could be worse!”  Two holes later Murphy’s Law became apparent and the right sole separated giving the remaining golfers in my foursome something to laugh at for the remainder of the day. Though embarrassed, I was told that this was not the first time this has happened which did not make me feel any better.

streamsong resort golf shoes

My favorite part about Streamsong Resort? It is so close to home, yet I felt like I was somewhere completely different the entire time I was there. The drive was desolate and barren, through many of the small industrial towns in Central Florida. Once we arrived, it felt like we were in Arizona…or somewhere else far away. Another huge benefit was that we didn’t have to worry about our car or golf bags the entire time we were there. There was a shuttle to take us back and forth to the golf course, where our clubs were already waiting.

streamsong resort farewell
It was a great place for a weekend getaway, and I would have loved to try out the spa on site. I heard it was phenomenal! The Lodge at Streamsong Resort had beautiful accommodations with views to die for. Our room was comfortable and luxurious, with a reading nook and a plush, comfortable King bed.

streamsong resort bed and books
If you want to stay at Streamsong Resort, check their website for their Golf Packages and Stay and Play Packages. There are many varieties you can choose from, and there is something for every budget! Be sure you are following their social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated with the beautiful golf courses, news, and specials! Streamsong Resort is truly a world class establishment and the calendar has already been marked for my return, I hope to see you there!

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