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Making Family Memories at Old McMicky’s Farm in Odessa, Florida

Every once in a while an opportunity pops up; one that you can’t resist. My mother has been dying to take Aidan to this little farm called Old McMicky’s Farm  in Odessa, Florida. In case you don’t know where Odessa, Florida is, that is ok; I had ZERO clue that it even existed! Odessa is a little town located just north of Tampa, Florida. It’s a drive through town, as far as I have ever been concerned. That was until we visited Old McMicky’s Farm.

old mcmicky's farm tractor

When we told Aidan where we were going, he became super excited. He thought we were going to Mickey’s farm…like, the mouse! After correcting him about 100 times during the car ride, we finally arrived and he quickly forgot all about the mouse. We parked in a little dirt parking lot and walked along a trail to the main office. The entire area has an old Florida feel, very off the beaten path. We passed a lone grazing steer on the way up to the office and Avery greeted it with a loud “Moo!”

old mcmicky's farm steer

Once we were checked in, we were introduced to our tour guide, Leo. Leo had been working at the farm since January and worked primarily with the horses, but boy did he know his way around Old McMicky’s Farm! Our first stop was the baby bunny sanctuary, where Aidan and Avery got to pet a new baby bunny. On our way to the baby bunny we passed 3 wild turkeys. It turns out they represented the three different types of wild turkeys that exist in Florida. It was pretty neat that they all just happened to be standing together!

old mcmicky's farm wild turkeys

old mcmicky's farm baby bunny

Avery had never seen a bunny this close. She was enthralled and did not want to leave, which resulted in her first temper tantrum of the trip. Fortunately, it was short lived once she realized there was a pony ride waiting for her. Neither of my kids have ridden a pony, and this was an extra special opportunity since Grandpa Tom (my father) was with us. My dad trained racehorses during my childhood and claims to be one with the horse. Aidan hopped up first and did a lap around the track with my dad.

old mcmicky's farm horse ride aidan

After the pony ride we moved over to my absolute favorite part of our trip. I love goats, especially pygmy goats. They are so much fun! Seriously, have you ever seen a fainting goat? If not, you better check them out really quickly. They will likely become your new favorite animal. Anyway, they had a goat petting area and I couldn’t get in there fast enough.

old mcmicky's farm goats

Leo, our tour guide, finally had to drag me out of the goat pen in order to move on to the next portion of our guided tour. It was time to board the hay ride and take a scenic tour of the property. The hay ride trailer was towed by an old tractor, which gave the ride a rugged but fun, farmy feel.

old mcmicky's farm tractor ride

The hay ride lasted about 10 minutes. We rode under the banyan trees and got to see all of the old Florida hunting cabins that were still on the property. We didn’t see any animals while on the hay ride, but it was definitely a much needed break from the heat of the sun. It provided great shade and a fantastic breeze, which was especially appreciated by my parents!

old mcmicky's farm hay ride

Aidan’s favorite part of Old McMicky’s Farm was the chicken coop. The farm has a neat area set up where guests learn how to properly catch a chicken. I had never caught a chicken in my entire life and that all changed the day we went to the farm! Aidan tried and tried until he finally got one. I don’t know who was more afraid, Aidan or the chicken?

old mcmickey's farm chickens

We definitely ended our day at Old McMicky’s Farm on a high note after Aidan was finally able to nab that chicken. If we are ever back in Odessa, Florida, we will be back to the farm. We made great family memories and the kids had a stellar time. If you are ever in the Tampa area, take the short drive over to Odessa to Old McMicky’s Farm. They are open Tuesday-Sunday and tours are approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours long with no reservations needed. There are tons of picnic tables set up and you are encouraged to bring your own lunch and eat alongside the lake under the trees.

old McMicky's farm pin

Do you want to spend a day at Old McMicky’s Farm?

Admission for adults is $13, children are $12 and kids under 2 are free. School teachers, military, first responders, and senior citizens all receive a discounted rate of $12. You can see more about their rates and scheduling a tour on their website. Don’t forget to follow along with their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest and greatest in updates! Where is your favorite family destination?

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  1. Looks like you all had fun during the trip! I’m not what it is with little girls and bunnies, my twins reacted the same way the first time they met a bunny! It’s an awesome place to spend time with the family in and it’s good that they have lots of activities prepared for the kids!

  2. oh so much fun wit hall the animals awesome time to have family time and build memories

  3. So sweet and what a wonderful setting to have a quite day out with the family, brought back waves of childhood outings with parents.

  4. What an adventure to try and catch a chicken. The farm looks like a really fun and educational place to spend time.

  5. I can’t remember the last time I went to a farm! It looks like you all had fun, especially the kids. I’m sure they were very excited to meet and interact with the farm animals. You can never come between a girl and a bunny, there’s always that instant connection there!

  6. Looks like you had a fun time!!!!

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